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4 ways to have a confetti shot without “that” confetti

Everyone loves a confetti shot!

Confetti comes in all different shapes, sizes, colours, textures – from dried petals to paper aeroplanes!

It is undeniably one of the most fun moments you can have on your wedding day and confetti makes for some gorgeous photographs. It has its’ moments, like when the confetti gets stuck in the brides dress or when a certain guest throws a handful directly at your face! But it’s completely worth it for the photographs afterwards.

By tradition, confetti is given out at weddings in a tule bag as a gift to guests. The Italians were the first to introduce confetti into our lives for parades, carnivals and festivals, which quickly moved onto weddings when they realised how pretty it would look and what a craze it could become.

Confetti is said to represent the hope that the newlywed couple will have a long and fertile marriage!

Confetti at The Barn at Upcote

Karl Moriarty Photography | www.karlmoriarty.co.uk

We’ve seen all different types of confetti and we love it! It’s such a wonderful moment, watching everybody come together to celebrate the beginning of the couple’s married life together.

As a Cotswold Barn venue, the only type of confetti that we ask you don’t bring is the paper/rice paper confetti as this sticks to our lovely stones and stains them!

Where’s the best place for your confetti shot?

Wherever you would like! There are a couple of places we would suggest here at The Barn (weather dependant of course):

  • One option is that your guests line up along the central path in the courtyard, we whisk you away out of sight and then you can walk back through the main barn and out of our gorgeous double doors into the courtyard…
  • Another option is that your guests line the stairs and the central path and you both walk down the stairs as your guests shower you with confetti!
  • If rain is breaking through, we can also always have your confetti shot inside, along your ceremony aisle as well.

We’ve included some wonderful photos of the different types of confetti walks below…

Petal Confetti

Kerry Diamond Photography | www.kerrydiamondphotography.com

The most popular choice for throwing wedding confetti is currently dried real petals. Petals, florets and buds are all natural and 100% biodegradable.

Combinations of dried flowers can be matched to your colour scheme and it’s also worth mixing petals for the gorgeous scents which create a buzz for your guests – for example, rose petals and lavender, two heavenly scents together!

The use of real petals for your confetti need not be expensive either. You can DIY it, purchase online or, our favourite option, go to confetti fields nearby (beautiful and a great day out).

One of the nearest confetti fields to Upcote is The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co. based in Pershore, Worcestershire.

Couples / people come far and wide to visit these and we can see why as they are spectacular. Check out their website below:

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co.

Bubble Confetti

Big Eye Photography | www.bigeyephotography.co.uk

Fancy something different for your confetti shot? Bubbles have become a firm favourite over the past few years as an alternative to the traditional confetti.

As well as being an eco-friendly alternative and a “less messy” option too, bubbles can create the most gorgeous photos and never disappoint on capture.

Even if there is rain on your wedding day (it is meant to be lucky!), you’ll still be able to have your bubbles inside to the Main Threshing Barn to get that all important shot.

Bubbles are a great purchase for those sticking to a budget as well. Just remember to keep them in a dry cool place, too warm and the bubble mixture inside may dry up!

Paper Planes

Chris Giles Photography | www.chrisgilesphotography.com

Ever thought of something a little more “out there”?

Paper planes can be a great recyclable, unique and picture perfect way to celebrate a confetti shot.

It may be a bit tricky to ensure your planes all fly the direction you want and not straight to the floor, but if they fly like above they will create great photos…

You can also get your bridal party involved with making them, maybe even get them to include messages for you to read afterwards!

We love these as it’s such a fun filled and exciting confetti shot!

Archway Walk

Big Eye Photography | www.bigeyephotography.co.uk

And last but not least, how about something completely different – Create an archway!

We’ve seen lots of personalised ways, from rowing oars, to lightsabres, to swords…

As long as you have some strong guests that are willing to hold the arch, it’s great for photos! It also works wonders for getting your guests involved.

Plus, what a backdrop for your photos!

Whichever way you choose, we can’t wait to see the photos!

For more information on having your Cotswold Wedding ceremony and reception at The Barn at Upcote, please contact the team on enquiries@thebarnatupcote.co.uk.

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