Trends at a Cotswold Wedding Venue for 2021…

What will be trending in the world of weddings for 2021?

Even though Lockdown has been the big talking point for 2020 as restrictions are starting to lift, we got to thinking about the trends we are wondering if we’ll see in our weddings coming up!

Hopefully lockdown has given you a chance to think a bit about the details of your wedding day, like researching suppliers and the style you’re looking for.

At The Barn, each of our weddings are personal with no one size and style that fits all.  Everyone has their own imagination and styling to create something different. While the latest wedding trends are ever changing and so are couples tastes, we do see some underlying similarities/themes, whether big or small!

Just like fashions in the clothing industry, wedding trends also sometimes have a comeback!

So take a look below for planning inspiration and for some of the trends that we’ll be looking out for in our 2021 weddings…

Non Traditional Florals

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More couples are choosing florists that can create something more non-traditional and personal for their day – whether it be locally-grown seasonal blooms, dried or wild flowers.

There has been a real increase of the non-traditional style of wedding flowers over the years and we are hoping 2021 will bring even more of this, especially with “the Big Flowers”. This is where an arrangement of flowers is incorporated around a couple of big, bold blooms as a standout piece instead of a collection of small petals, foliage and stems.

Midnight Themes

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Lights |

This seems to be a trend that is slowly drip feeding into the mix. It hasn’t been a huge deal so far but we are starting to see the accents appearing that will definitely create some stunning backdrops for your special day.

Keeping to the elegance feel of the day, we can see more of the pantone Blue accents, Midnight navy hues and geometric stars and moons.

Now this obviously hints more towards a winter wedding, but the feelings it produces to have this sparkling night sky with abundance on blue hues, whites and stars gives us the butterflies for a perfect midnight themed wedding!

Hanging Foliage

 Photography| The Upcote Team

Hoops |

A very popular trend for 2019 & 2020 was hanging florals – on hoops or on copper frames mostly! From pastel roses to bright florals to earthy tones, they all add a bit of something to a backdrop.

Switch it up with foliage only hoops – eucalyptus, vines and an assortment of greens, browns and yellows – as strange as it sounds this gives the whole day a more rustic feel. Many different types of foliage create a fantastic aroma as well as feel.

Have a chat with your florist about the best way to create these stunning pieces!

Minimalistic Table Décor

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Table décor, we have seen can be a very personal part of a wedding day, typically showcasing the theme and colours that you’ve used.

We’ve seen big and bold decorations on both round and trestle tables for many years. In recent times though, table centres and décor has found ways using the more minimalism approach to highlight and capture the essence of your wedding day.

Succulents for example, made a great focus, with cute centres and mini plants, minimal yet unique.

For 2021, we can see this trend going further; mini cacti or a single stem flower, for example.  Minimal decoration is not only a great way to go on a smaller budget but to also decorate smaller areas and create a design flow across tables.

Custom Illustrations

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By creating your stationery with illustrations customised to their venue, this gives you a great opportunity for guests to get an idea of where they are going and the style that you are going for.

Above is a great design from Retropress whom have created a rustic feel RSVP for a couple, with our Main Barn on the front, giving a quick glimpse of where they were getting married.

For each guest, stationery like place names and save the dates are also a wonderful keepsake from the special day.

A Return to Tradition

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With lockdown impacting family gatherings, we can expect to see when weddings are back in full flow that they will go back to their roots and heart – creating treasured memories with family and friends. Tradition feels like it will be a defining feature of 2021 weddings; from traditional acts on the day, to timeless dresses, themes and customary speeches.

Couples are valuing the sentimental moments of their wedding day and embracing all their day has to offer whether it has changed from their expectation due to lockdown or flourished in their ideas.

Following your wedding day, there are many ways to remember your special day, from hanging your framed guestbook to planting the flowers you had on your wedding day to preserving and framing bouquet flowers.

Intimate or Micro Weddings

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This trend deserves a mention as following on from Covid-19’s widespread impacts, we expect to see a movement towards more intimate weddings with a reduced guest number.

For more information, please see our blog from May 2020!

Predictions for 2021 / 2022

We’re also wondering if another great tradition that seems to be returning will be a themed wedding… We cannot wait for 2021 to bring back the roaring 20’s – Buckle up old sport, we are travelling back in time, introducing art deco detailing and glitzy Gatsby inspired bridesmaid dresses!

In the end, whilst trends are great for inspiration and seeing what others are doing, remember that your style is an important part of this being YOUR day, so make your day reflect your way!

We can’t wait to see the photos!

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